Sunday, February 23, 2020

E.A Davis Case Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

E.A Davis Case Analysis - Essay Example One of the reasons why E.A. Davis is successful is due to the fact that it considers its target market applying the focus strategy in order to substantially cater the needs of its chosen target market. E.A. Davis’s retail format is one of a kind considering that it specifically created an impression for its customers through the way it serves them. In order to serve their customers in the best possible way, E.A. Davis tried to understand the competition through brand strategy, right employees handle the right customers and hands on monitoring on what brands are selling (Sieloff 3). E.A. David’s positioning strategy is clear. It specifically tried to create an image for itself as a branded clothing store (Sieloff 4). Due to this positioning strategy, E.A. Davis’s learned to rely on well-known brands that have significant impact on the lives of customers. As a single-owner department store, there was a clear hands-on experience for E.A. Davis especially on being focus on what aspect to consider in the business. The first focus was on its location. (Siellof 2). Clearly, the location aspect was an integral part of its success due to accessibility and proximity to other business establishments that customers are looking forward to. Location is an important aspect for the success of E.A. Davis because it directly associates to the volume of customers that it can cater. Everything will follow if the right location has been chosen and this is strongly justified in the case of E.A. Davis. E.A. Davis also tried to differentiate its customer service through its product offering and services which can be substantiated how the company greatly treated its customers (Siellof 3). Its exclusive merchandise that is creating a significant impact in the market is a great advantage of E.A. Davis. The successful product positioning of E.A. Davis is its g reat competitive advantage on why it gained significant recognition in the market. The disadvantage of E.A. Davis is its very basic strategy especially in the other aspects in marketing. Its current state of expansion is very slow. Its offered services and products are strongly accepted in the market due to the right location was taken into consideration (Siellof 2). This only proves that E.A. Davis is only dependent on its location for its product strategy. However, a little portion is only given to more sophisticated marketing strategies that could maximize its ability to gain more customers. E,A Davis could have done much better if good marketing strategies are integrated further in its whole system of operation. 3. Assuming the role of a consultant, what key suggestions would you give Skolnick on how to refine E.A. Davis’s strategy to stay relevant in the increasingly volatile retail environment? Give detailed answers and justify your recommendations. Answer The idea of c arrying branded products is so far what makes E.A. Davis leading in the competition (Siellof 4). This is the specific area where there is a need to go for more refinement considering that it is the firm’

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