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Bedford Health Show Project Management

Bedford Health Show Project Management close maker SUMMARY- This is a business report submission of the project figure for the exhibition at Bedford wellness show for Optimum health care solutions face. displayMy aim for this project plan assignment is for me to attempt to explain the rationale behind the exhibition and plan a project towards this with the project milestone, possible return on investment, the bud reap, Gantt graph and work breakdown structure illustrated.OVERVIEW OF optimum HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS Optimum Healthcare Solution is an organisation that yields physiotherapy products and work to local community, other hospitals and healthcare personnel .They provide a intervention pathway for their patient and have specialist in physiotherapy that sanction in the rehabilitation and recovery for patients that has suffered injuries.They offer works and products much(prenominal) as Pilates, sports massage, watt bike testing, ultrasonography, shockwave therapy, acupunc ture, myofascial taping, customised orthotics.They are specialised in the treatment of back up pain, Musculosketal, Acupuncture, Paediatric ,sports injury e.t.cThe organisation does not just only provide physiotherapy, they also provide services in the area of Neurotherapy, fitness and selected fitness which enables the organisation to provide rehabilitation assessment and treatment for solely their patientsThey have a training programme that appears in improving effect and preventing injuries.RATIONALE/BENEFITS FOR EXHIBITING AT THE BEDFORD HEALTH SHOREExhibiting at a pile show is a way for one to market its products and servicesIt depart enable the organisation(OHS) to advertise their healthcare products and services to 5,750 visitors at the exhibition, at to the lowest degree majority of these visitors wouldnt have heard or so the organisation.It go forth create more(prenominal) awareness about (OHS) products and services which might lead to global identification bec ause the visitors will be diverse from different countries .Its an opportunity to meshwork on a larger scale with other healthcare service provider at the exhibition.Its an opportunity to get more clients/patients to patronise the products and services offered which will eventu totallyy lead to the creation of a customer database.It will help to improve the brand image of (OHS) and help to know what other healthcare provider competitors are up to.Its a good marketing schema to start off gross sales of (OHS) products and servicesIt leaves an impression on electric potential clients/patientsIt will ultimately peculiarity up increasing sales for the organisation and to promote (OHS)RETURN ON INVESTMENTAs the project deviser we are estimating a profit of 5000 subsequently investing 5000 which is a degree Celsius% returns on investment which is of benefit to the organisation.Return on investment = ROI =net profit/investment*100ROI=5000/5000*100=100%We are estimating 1800 late cl ients will be recruited at the exhibition out of the 5,750 that will attend the exhibition. There is also the possibility of more clients patronising the services and products.From this idea , we are assuming well break even after the exhibition.The craved result of getting more sales will be gain and the project stakeholders will ultimately be satisfied. count on PLAN MILESTONES cost or suggested Budget(5,000)TimeResources e.g. equipment, machinery, StationeriesTraining of rungProject start and end date price/BUDGET PLAN FOR THE BEDFORD EXHIBITION introduce locale RENT(SHELL SCHEME STAND)900TRANSPORT TO FRO OF EQUIPMENTS250HIRING FURNISHING LOCALLY (DESK,CHAIR TABLE AT BEDFORD)200advertizing FOR SHOW200PRINTING POSTERS/LEAFLET200GIFT MUGS/ indite/T-SHIRT WITH (OHS)LOGO200INTERNET CONNECTION AT EXHIBITION bone marrow30STAFF WAGES FOR THE DAY800STAFF TRAINING250HOTEL betrothal FOR 10 STAFF MEMBERS750HOSPITALITY FOR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS E.G DRINKS, TEA, COFFEE100 faint UP SERV ICES120MISCELLANOUS1000TOTAL EXHIBITION COST5000OBJECTIVES OF THE EXHIBITIONThe Objectives of exhibiting at the Bedford health show is basically to make sales for(Optimum Healthcare Solutions) products and services at the exhibition event by recruiting at least 1,800 clients .Motivate the team by the seminars and training they will be attending to gain insight into how to engage the potential customers of optimum healthcare solutions.Contact potential patients or customers after the exhibition event with call up calls, e-mail, text messages, arranging interviews, letters done the post to serve as reminders and social media networks.To ensure that within 24 hours of collating data and creating a database ,all parvenue potential customers would have been communicated with and arrange an assessment with them as soon as possible.PROJECT STAKEHOLDERS PROJECT MANAGER - is a stakeholder in the sense that he or she has the responsibility of ensuring that the project is prepared, planned properly, manages risks and put to death accordingly.CLIENTS/PATIENTS- be stakeholders in that the OHS has a care of duty to provide and cant afford to split up them because they profits for the products and services.LOCAL COMMUNITY-Are stakeholders as well because whatever decision is been made by the healthcare providers management(OHS) and their activities, the community will be wedged and affected by these.STAFF-Are stakeholders because they are impacted by any the success or failure of the organisation and the management decisions.GOVERNMENT- Are stakeholders because they expect the healthcare providers to provide quality healthcare services to patients and to pay income tax (which is a revenue for them).BOARD OF DIRECTORS- They as a service provider needs to be financially sustainable .GANTT CHART OF PROJECT PLAN FOR OPTIMUM HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS EXHIBITION AT THE BEDFOR HEALTH SHOW(Owadokun, K. et al, 2017)The project plan has a time frame or length of a start date from 1st of April 2017 and an end date of twenty-second of April 2017 with the activities involved in achieving the project plan and this is clearly represented on the Gantt chart.PROJECT LIFE CYCLE FOR THE (OHS) EXHIBITIONPROJECT INITIATION- A team was put up to brainstorm how the project plan should go and set aims and objectives for the project, a feasibility study was done about the Bedford health showPROJECT PLANNING-The plan of how to get the project working was put in place by the team after cerebrate and coming to a conclusion, and as well the budget breakdown bet for the exhibition was concluded after analysing what it will cost to effect the project, a communication plan was also put in place so the team can effectively communicate .e.g. a new email account was created and a mobile and landline line was given to all team membersPROJECT EXECUTION-A time management was put in place that is represented on the Gantt chart on how to monitor the impart of the project.PROJECT CLOSU RE- A review and assessment of the project executed is put in place and also to communicate with potential clients 24 hours immediately after the exhibition by ensuring they are communicated with through letters, name calls, email, social media, text message reminders e.t.c and also communicate back to the stakeholders about the success of the exhibition and the lessons learned are documented.4Ds OF THE PROJECTDISCOVER-When the staff at the exhibition where engaging the customers or potential patients, they tried to get information off the customers about the use of the products and services during demonstrations with the equipment at the venue .DESIGN The staff will be encouraged to put themselves in the shoes of the potential clients for (OHS) using the products and services and encourage questions from the customers and the time and while needed to actualise the project plan was calculated which was between the original of April to the twenty second of April 2017 .DEVELOP-Seve ral meetings and Training of staff will be done on how to communicate sales processes of (OHS)products and services and the activities highlighted in our Gantt chart was done, we also got appropriate data from the customers.DELIVER-Appropriate feedback will be compile from the customers at the exhibition and well evaluate this feedback with our objectives if its been realisedCONCLUSIONI have learnt from undertaking this research that it is realistic to break even after investing 5000 and get a return of 100% on what is invested through strategic marketing, social networking and engaging clients one on one such as exhibiting on a larger scale to a blanket(a) audience that is more diverse than in the local community and hospitals computer addresshttp//www.optimum-hcs.comOwadokun, K. Begum, N. Mostafa, M. Costa,Ginario. and Chowdury, Dilruba(2017) OHS Gantt chart

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