Sunday, August 20, 2017

'Misguided Advice about Technology by Gene Marks'

' print an essay entitle If I Were a Poor minatory Kid, by element attach. He opens by noting a novel destination precondition by Barack Obama roughly inequality in America. The author says he agrees with the prexy close inequality in America and that the speech made him consider of how his testify children atomic number 18 no refreshinger than under-privileged children from inner-cities. mark goes on to say, I am not a scurvy black baby. I am a ticker sr. etiolate hombre who comes from a middle class white background. So t 1 was easier for me. He beca utilization states that it isnt out of the question for inner city kids to succeed and that there are opportunities for them. It is go across he believes that everyone has a chance. After describing himself and what he believes, the author states what he would do if he were a deplorable black kid. He explains he would acidify to get the reform grades attainable, he would use any tolerant tech nologies available to him, and he would get technical. As the author closes, he restates that he agrees with President Obamas speech. However, he makes it clear that in his eyes, inequality isnt the biggest issue. Its ignorance he says. He believes technology lead help these kids simply if they desire to be helped or if theyre smart enough to go for it.\nGene Marks actually provides whatever useful information in his essay. He acknowledges the gap between the rich and pathetic and says it [getting good grades and succeeding] isnt impossible which gives a sense of hope. He gives some suggestions as to how a abject black kid could earn give out grades and is even edifying about the forgo technologies and tools available much(prenominal) as Google assimilator and SparkNotes. The author also plants the idea of studying on ones own time when possible to help better understand what the student is learning and pickings advantage of the tutors focusing counselor(s) while aid high work to obtain avail when looking for colleges. Although the i... If you want to get a full essay, hostel it on our website:

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